Ariel Dog for Adoption

Sweet Ariel Dog for Adoption

Key Info

Name Ariel
Basic Info 2+ yr old spayed female


Dog for Adoption – Location West Wales

Ariel is a sweet and affectionate female 3 year old dog for adoption, who is looking for her loving family.

Ariel is an active youngster who loves her walks in the countryside and loves to play and bounce around – she adores being around people, yet still struggles with her recall as she gets so focussed on what she is doing, she becomes ‘deaf’ to being called, yet when she does finally hear us, she’s like, ‘ohh, were you calling me?’ and then gets super excited! so off-lead training is and will be a challenge for her, as although people oriented, she is easily distracted. We love Tamar Geller‘s Loved Dog Method of teaching and recommend her books and podcasts for training.


All of our dogs have lived their whole lives in family groups in an open space, kennel free environment and it is therefore too much of a shock for them to be an only dog. For this reason, Ariel’s family needs to have an existing resident dog.

Holistic Rawfeeding Rescue

We are a holistic rawfeeding rescue, so as with all our rescue dogs and puppies for adoption, Ariel is being fed a natural raw diet and is currently being fed Paleo Plus Surf & Turf for improved health and longevity.

As a rawfeeding rescue, we ask that this diet is continued in her new home as she loves it so much!  We provide full advice and support as standard for anyone who is new to rawfeeding dogs or holistic priniciples.

Dog Adoption Info

Ariel currently weighs 29kg, and turned 3 years old in January 2022

Dog Rescue Adoption Donation applies.

Homecheck by your chosen dog applies to see if she likes her new home!  Our Dog Adoption process involves several visits to get to know your dog, and for your dog to get to know you, so that the rehoming is not a shock away from all that she knows and is simply a natural transition to her new family.  We find that this helps our rescue dogs to settle into their new home with less stress and anxiety and makes for much more successful adoptions.

For this reason, we only rehome within travelling distance of our base in West Wales at the moment. Full lifetime rescue backup and adoption contract applies, so if for any reason our dog is not suitable or circumstances change, we require the dog to be returned to us.

Please email contact us for more information about dog adoption or phone 01239 841721

Please share this on social media with your raw fed dog friends to help us find Ariel her very special people, thank you!

** We are just a very small team here in the UK, so we are currently only able to consider adopters within travelling distance of our base in West Wales, due to the practicalities of journey times for post-adoption back-up and support from our dog shelter. We apologise if this leads to disappointment, however we have found through experience that more local dog adoptions do not overstretch our limited resources. Thank you for your understanding!

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