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Here is our current band of ragamuffins who are either in Foster homes or shelters, all looking for their forever home.

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We receive no state lottery or government funding and rely solely on donations from animal lovers to make a difference in these dogs lives.

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More heartwarming stories in our Happy Tails news section.

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Twenty million stray dogs are brutally killed every year on this planet

That’s 38 every minute. Please help us make a difference today…

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K9 Rescue is focused on making a difference to the treatment of abandoned dogs in developing countries with our work primarily in Eastern Europe where dogs are seen as vermin by the majority and treated accordingly with poisoning, beatings and torture.

In addition to running our Rehabilitation Sanctuary in the UK for traumatised street dogs, we supply food, medical supplies and veterinary aid to grass roots rescues in the poorest and hardest hit countries of Eastern Europe; currently the emergency animal aid that is desperately needed in Ukraine. By donating today, you will be directly helping animals both displaced by the war in Ukraine, as well as the rescues in neighbouring countries who are taking in the displaced animals.  Please help us make a difference today.

Macedonia's Forgotten Dogs Aid Appeal

Macedonia’s Forgotten Dogs Sanctuary in Northern Macedonia is in crisis, unable to turn desperate animals in need away, debts are soaring and the shelter is on the brink of financial collapse unable to feed their rescues.

Mimi who runs the sanctuary, says ” I just can’t turn them away; as I know I am their only chance, without help, the dogs and cats that I save will perish on the streets, and the strays in my area that I also feed daily will simply starve to death, they will have no chance at all.”   more…

Originally found with a broken neck, Basil has survived against all the odds

Basil was completely paralysed when found, yet has confounded us all by going on to learn to walk and even run again! He is now ready to find his loving forever family…

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The Forgotten Dogs of Eastern Europe

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that there are more than 200 million stray dogs worldwide. 40 million of those street dogs are estimated in Eastern Europe, all in need of assistance; being routinely faced with the most abject cruelty from poison, starvation, beating, freezing to death or falling victim to being run over by a tram or car and sustain horrific injuries.

Why do we Rescue from Eastern Europe?...

Stray dogs and cats are found in high numbers in every village, town and city. Sadly they are subjected to horrific animal abuse – whilst some residents feed the strays, many others attack them. We have found dogs tortured, poisoned, hung, shot, stabbed, raped, set on fire, purposely run over, dragged behind cars, bludgeoned to death, mouths and limbs tied up, mutilated and left to die a slow, agonising death. This is why…

Current Dogs for Adoption

More Dogs for Adoption

Maggie & Kaya looking for a forever family

Maggie and Kaya are two adorable bondedn female seniors, who have lived together their whole lives, and are therefore looking for a forever home together.
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Ariel Dog for Adoption

Adorable Ariel is a very sweet and gentle youngster – she really loves people and loves to play, she is just waiting for her new family to find her and take her home!
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Basil Dog for Adoption

Stunning Basil is a very friendly, soppy and cuddly bear – he adores being around people, and is just waiting for his new family to find him and take him home!
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