Forever Foster Scheme

Our Forever Fostering Scheme

Bringing together loving families and amazing dogs who may otherwise be overlooked

To give them the best possible chance of being in a loving forever home, some of our older, special needs or palliative care dogs who would otherwise struggle to find an adoptive home, are available under our Forever Fostering Scheme, where we retain ownership and responsibility of our dog and pay for all food (pre-packaged frozen raw dog food), therapies and medical care, and the foster parents provide a loving home, enrichment and general care and anything else as agreed between us.

This arrangement is ideally suited to people who live independently and who would like the companionship of a dog, yet whose finances may not stretch to the costs involved of caring for a senior or special needs companion.

Our Forever Foster Scheme is available to UK citizens within travelling distance of our base in West Wales and additionally in the area of one of our designated holistic vets in Ross on Wye or Marlborough.

Some of our dogs currently in permanent foster care…

Shakira (now Saffy)

Saffy was originally found on the streets of Bulgaria with the most severe skin disease we have ever seen. Due to her ongoing medical needs, Saffy has been in permanent foster care since 2017 with her retired foster mum in the Forest of Dean, where she is lavished with so much love and attention, she is in heaven!


Our 'bionic' dog Lucky was so badly injured after being hit by a car, he had to have multiple metal implants to rebuild his broken body, so his ongoing medical needs warranted a permanent foster arrangement. Lucky has been doted on in his loving foster home in North Wales together with his sweetheart Raya since 2013 and is still going strong!


Joshua was found abandoned with a completely severed spine, so after surgery and rehabilitation, his ongoing therapy needs warranted a permanent foster arrangement. Joshi went into his permanent foster home in 2013 where he is a much loved member of his family!

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