Six Tickets to a New Life

Please help our gorgeous little ones to travel to love at last

Six Tickets to a Better Life…

Urgent funds needed to get our 6 Babies Home before Winter !

It’s that time of year again, when we try to get as many dogs out before the harsh winter sets in, when temperatures in Eastern Europe plummet to -25°C (−13 °F) or even lower. The lucky 6 who we hope will get the chance to come to the UK in search of their forever families are four puppies, Samson, Selena, Satchi and Nera together with their surrogate Mum, little Esme and our miracle boy, Basil, who was originally found quadriplegic from a broken neck, yet has recovered so well he can even run again!

With the roads impassable in deep winter, we need to transport them before the snow sets in across the region making transport impossible.

All 6 have been rescued from the streets from the most horrific of situations, and have spent the last 6 months getting stronger after their terrible start in life. The future is now very bright for these 6 sweethearts and life can only get better now.  Please help us make their dream come true and get them home this winter ready to start to look for their loving forever families.

Transport is however not cheap, at 280 euros per dog, so this is a massive undertaking for us, at a time when we need to be getting in a large supply of food and straw to Mimi’s shelter ready for winter before the roads become snowbound.

We therefore desperately need to raise a total of 1680 euro’s (£1502 / $1912) for their transport to the UK. Please Help Us make their dream come true and get them home! Every cent is very much appreciated

Please, PLEASE help our gorgeous little ones to travel to love at last ♥

Love Samson, Selena, Satchi, Nera, Esme and Basil ♥


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