Will they be home for Christmas?

Please help our 9 puppies travel to warmth and happiness this Christmas

Nine puppies dreaming of going home for Christmas…

Remember Lola’s 3 boys and the orphaned six that she nursed?  Well, they are now ready to fly the ‘nest’

It’s been 5 months already, and Lola’s little ones have gone from strength to strength, and are such adorable loving little ones, they really need their own families now.  Plus, with night temperatures in Eastern Europe now approaching -25°C (−13 °F) or even lower, our six small orphaned pups will really struggle to survive these cold conditions in their unheated shelter, so we need to transport them into foster before Christmas and the snow sets in across the region making transport impossible.

Lola’s boys, Atos, Portos and Aramis, had the most terrific Mam from the outset, yet our six orphaned pups Gianni, Ginny, Gipsy, Gabi, Gigi and Gemma had the most terrible start in life when they were thrown to the street at just one day old, the fate of their birth Mama unknown. Life can only get better for these sweet babies, please help us make their dream come true and get them into a warm and safe foster home for Christmas ready to start to look for their loving forever families in the New Year.

It costs 400 euros per dog to travel from Macedonia to the UK, and this combined with their blood tests, microchip and vaccination vet bill of 60 euros each, means we have a huge bill to cover – a total of 2115 euros after potential adoption donations from their new families.

We therefore need to secure a massive 2115 euro’s (£1870 / $2515) in donations before they can leave Macedonia to ensure that we are able to pay their transport deposits.

PLEASE WILL YOU HELP? Any amount, no matter how big or small will be very much appreciated ♥

Please Help Us make their dream come true! Thank you so much for your kindness everyone ♥

Love Atos, Portos, Aramis, Gianni, Ginny, Gipsy, Gabi, Gigi and Gemma ♥


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