Justice for Puppy Mia, Tortured & Shot

Help Stop the Mass Killing of Strays in Macedonia

Justice for Puppy Mia, Tortured and Shot

As many of our fans will remember, we have started to support a kind animal rescuer, with food, medical bills and rent for her Refuge in Macedonia.

One of the little ones that she was feeding, Puppy Mia who lived with her Mama and sister Luna under the care of a Priest at a local churchyard, was set upon by some depraved individuals.  She was viciously kicked in the face and her eye completely destroyed with no way to save it and sadly her eye had to be removed.

Yet with her eye treated, due to lack of both funds and space at her refuge, little Mia was returned to her Mama and sister in the churchyard as there was no chance to take all three and to split the family would have been too hard on them all.

This decision however, will haunt all of us, as only a month later, Mimi heard screams coming from the churchyard, and rushed to find a trail of blood, with poor puppy Mia lying dead, brutally shot in the head.  This poor little one, with such a short life, had no chance at all, a victim of the most horrific cruelty…  not once, but twice, and the second time fatally.

Mama was nowhere to be found, presumed dead, as there is no way she would have left her little ones, so with just Luna left, we have created a temporary kennel and enclosure at the churchyard with the Priest, to keep her safe until Mimi can take her into her care.


Sadly, this is a familiar tale in Macedonia, with no Animal Welfare laws or punishment as a deterent, dogs are seen as vermin, and even tiny puppies are seen as entertainment for cruel depravity.

Just this year alone, thousands of dogs have been brutally killed on the streets of Macedonia. Beaten, axed, strangled, shot and poisoned – stray dogs have become victims of an organized killing spree due to a public outcry after a 4 year old child was left unsupervised and crossed private land where owned dogs attacked and killed the child.

Many pets have been also been poisoned, so this brutal vigilante cull is not just a way to manage the stray population but it is an excuse for violence towards any animal.

Public figures, politicians and the heartless people of Macedonia are using tragic death of a child to call for mass killing of strays.

Dogs are dying, suffocating in their own blood, while poison burns their organs. This is an organized attack and we need you all to tell the authorities the world is watching.

We ask the Macedonian Government to change laws on access to poison and laws on animal welfare.

We need YOU to contact and email the Macedonian Embassy in your country.

Please contact the Macedonian Embassy in your country:

(+44) 20 7976 0535 Embassy of Macedonia, London
(+46) 8 661 18 30 Embassy of Macedonia, Stockholm
(+49) 228 92 36 90 Embassy of Macedonia, Bonn, Germany
(+32) 2 732 91 08 Embassy of Macedonia, Brussels, Belgium
(+1) 202-667-0501 Embassy of Macedonia, Washington, USA
(+61) 2 6282 6220 Macedonian Embassy in Canberra, Australia
(+33) 1 45 77 10 50 and (+33) 1 45 77 89 61 Macedonian Embassy in Paris, France

Let the world KNOW !!!


MK Government official email: sobranie@sobranie.mk

Office of the Mayor of Skopje: kabinet@skopje.gov.mk

Ministry of Agriculture (responsible for the authorized selling of poison): info@mzsv.gov.mk

Ministry of Veterinary (Animal Welfare): info@fva.gov.mk


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