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The following dogs are just some of the dogs we have in our care that are ready for their forever home. We have many other dogs in various stages of rehabilitation, some of which could be rehomed to families able to cater to their specific needs.  All of our dogs are raw fed for improved health and longevity and this is something we would like to be continued in their new home.

Due to the cost incurred in rescuing, neutering/spaying, vaccinating, de-fleaing/de-worming, microchipping, passporting and transporting involved with all the dogs we ask for an adoption donation of between £300-£400, depending on age, as this then helps to other dogs in need, although concessions will be considered. Please see below for Our Adoption Process.

Please contact Michelle for more photos and information of your dog of interest.


Maggie & Kaya looking for a forever family

Maggie and Kaya are two adorable bondedn female seniors, who have lived together their whole lives, and are therefore looking for a forever home together.
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Ariel Dog for Adoption

Adorable Ariel is a very sweet and gentle youngster – she really loves people and loves to play, she is just waiting for her new family to find her and take her home!
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Eric Dog for Adoption

Eric is a loving and affectionate dog for adoption, looking for his very own safe haven with a loving family where he can feel secure and cherished.
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Our Adoption Process

The adoption process for our dogs is done on an individual basis depending on the needs of the individual dog; we do not have a set criteria as the only criteria is that the dog is a good fit for that particular home, so that it is a permanent home for life. Our primary concern is the future health and care of the dog, so we place less importance on the type of home you live in, whether its untidy or not or whether you drive or whether you live on your own or with a family etc, yet we do care passionately about our dogs and our dogs future health and well being.  Some have said we should be grateful for just any home, yet we have invested heavily into the rehabilitation of our dogs, sometimes years of investment; emotional, physical and financial, so it would break our hearts to see all of our hard work undone. We do this for the love of dogs, their future health and happiness is our reward.

The type of questions we ask during the adoption process are:-

  • If the dog falls ill or needs treatment can you afford to pay the vet bills, which can sometimes be costly?

  • Do you have the time to spend with a dog and give the dog lots of interaction and love that it needs?

  • If the dog has any issues, are you willing to invest your time with the dog to resolve those issues with our help and guidance?

  • Are you willing to visit our centre as many times as it takes for your dog to get to know you before rehoming takes place, to ease any shock and stress of being suddenly uprooted to live in an unfamilar place?
  • Are you happy for us to visit you for a home check with your chosen dog?

  • Are you able to afford the donation that we ask to help cover the costs we incur with re-homing?

  • Can we speak to your vet if required?

Please see here for our Code of Ethics

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