Here at Last!

Our 6 travellers arrive with us in the UK at last
Rohan puppy for adoption

Our 6 travellers arrive…

We are thrilled to update you all that thanks to all your donations, our 6 travellers from Mimi’s sanctuary have now arrived with us in the UK! They will now begin the long process of slowly being adjusted from the isolated life in a mountain top shelter with only Mimi for human company to the hustle and bustle of western life, adjusting to traffic and walks on a lead on a pavement as well as the gradual introduction to social gatherings of groups of people, and many other social activities that are common place for dogs with their families in the west.

As many of our supporters know, there is a massive stray dog crisis right across Eastern Europe, and these 6 are among the very lucky few who now have the opportunity of a better life with a loving family of their own, with good food and a warm bed.

Every day, Mimi drives around the area in her old battered car to feed and care for all the other neglected dogs and cats who she is not yet able to rescue due to lack of space at her sanctuary. It is a labour of love, and again only possible due to the dedicated support and lifeline that you have all provided.

It is an honour for us to help Mimi care for all her rescues in her shelter and to help all those that she finds who are sick, injured or too young to survive on the streets. As soon as funds allow, we have every intention of helping Mimi to expand her rescue so that we can help alleviate more suffering.

Thank you so much to all of you, for all that you do for our beloved rescues ♥

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