Please help our 6 gorgeous pups

Puppies Eric, Ernie, Ria, Rohan, Jessey and Jodie need their tickets to the UK

Help Our 6 Puppies Come Home

Urgent funds needed to get our 6 Puppies Home!

Spring will soon be upon us, and with it, the start of puppy season, so we need to get as many of our rescues as possible out of the shelter to make room for the inevitable new arrivals.

So, meet 5 month old Eric, Ernie, Ria, Rohan, Jessey and Jodie in our refuge in Bulgaria.  These little angels were born to an owned chained mother dog, and as is so typical in Eastern Europe, were taken from their mother and abandoned in the village where they took shelter under a snowbound car 🙁

Chained dogs are very sadly common place right across Eastern Europe, and with spay and neuter generally thought of as taboo in society, the poor chained females have zero protection from being mated by wandering male dogs, as many owned dogs are also allowed to roam as well as the street dog populations.

All 6 have spent the last few months in our care getting stronger after their poor and lonely start in life without their Mum. Now they are ready to start their new life with loving families of their own, and the first step towards that happening, is to get them to our rehoming kennels here in the UK.

But first we need to raise the funds for their transport which is expensive at 280 euros per dog. Once this amount is raised, we can arrange for them to travel as soon as the roads across the region are clear of snow.

The future will soon be rosy for these adorable 6 pups. Please help us secure a dream life for them by contributing to their travel costs so they can start to look for their loving forever families.

We desperately need to raise a total of 1680 euro’s (£1502 / $1912) for their transport to the UK. Please Help Us get them home! Every cent is very much appreciated

Please, PLEASE help these gorgeous 6 pups to come home ♥

Love Eric, Ernie, Ria, Rohan, Jessey and Jodie ♥

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