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Borko has Wheels!

Borko is doing great, he now has his wheelchair and adores running around in it!  Check out his latest video below… ♥

Our media trip to Bulgaria is planned for June where together with Wetnose Animal Aid and Norton Animal Rescue Foundation, we will bring Justice for Borko with a film crew and British presenters Lorraine Chase and Wendy Turner Webster to highlight the plight of dogs like Borko and make a documentary about the animal welfare situation in Bulgaria and what can be done about it.

In other news, Dr Litov had his first court victory on 25th April when the Judge suspended the eviction notice, until the end of the trial, and now this week at the Administrative Court, the Regional Health Authority Inspector gave evidence and confirmed that all inspections carried out in the last few years showed no violations justifying an eviction.

The Court’s final ruling will be at the end of June, so please sign and keep sharing our Justice 4 Borko petition – we have 56k signatures so far – we need to aim for a target of 100k signatures for it to be taken seriously by the Government. Borko and all the abused animals deserve our support!  Thank you! ♥

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12 Responses

  1. Charmaine Shannon

    “WOW”…… Look at BORKO Now !! He is SO HAPPY !! I am so happy that he is able to get around and there may be a few kirks to work out but they are so SIMPLE compared to just getting his WHEELS !!!! Thanks to ALL for whatever you have been able to do to Make this PRECIOUS ANGEL’S LIFE a Happy and SO WELL DESERVED ONE !!

  2. kara martin

    Hi, I’m so happy he can now get around, but i too agree with Helena Frangogoannis. It’s not looking right for him. and if he can’t feel his legs then he is going to rip the skin on his paws to shreds. would love to see an updated video with it looking more fitting for him. 🙂

  3. Carol Foley

    Hi Dorlene, where in Australia are you I have been following Borko story and it is so sad.I from Australia too I didn’t know people followed his story here. I would like too donate too but don’t know how togoabout it. Regards Carol.

  4. Lee Ann

    Love him! Roll on, Borko! Wooo hoooooooooo!

  5. Maria Valenzuela

    i donate $20.00 for take care of BORKO., i want to follow ha is he helth., please., I LOVE BORKO.,

  6. Detrichez

    Borko justice doit être faite pour ce qu’on t’a fait. Magnifique chien victime de la barbarie.

    1. Michelle

      Hi Dorlene, we have just added Australian dollars to our Paypal Donate button, thank you so much!

  7. Dorlene

    Keep up the good work. Borko is gorgeous.

  8. Je suis tellement heureuse de voir ce petit Borko marcher et bien vivant ! j’espère qu’il vivra très longtemps très heureux car il le mérite ! Il est absolument magnifique ! ça fait chaud au cœur ! merci pour lui, et plein de gros bisous et câlins à Borko !

  9. Helena Frangogoannis

    Hi Mochelle,

    I am glad to see that Borko finally got his chair. I don’t mean to be negative but this is not looking right for him I too have a dog that uses a wheel chair and I understand a bit about the subject.
    His hind legs are in the way and they will get badly wounded on the floor. He needs a contraption to lift those legs from the floor. There is a man in the UK who made my dog’s wheel chair who might give you a couple of ideas about this. IMHO Borko absolutely needs boots before he gets blisters everywhere on those hind paws.
    The wheel chair man in the UK is James Colla and his company is His email is

    Best regards and a big kiss for Borko,


  10. Isabella Ireland

    Thank you to all kind people who helped Borko. It si really heartwarming to see him being able to be so happy. Many thanks.

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